How To Distinguish The Front And Back Side of UYGALAXY Anti-Drip Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

The greenhouse is more and more popular in farm field, it helps to increase the harvests against the changing weather, and the greenhouse plastic film is an important part to a greenhouse, especially an enhanced dripless greenhouse film. This post is an introduction of installing UYGALAXY Anti Drip Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting, the methods to tell which side faces inside the greenhouse, which side faces outside the greenhouse.

– Let’s get to the point

1. The product form

There is featured prints during manufacturing, it’s series of figures and ended with “M” or started by “UYGALAXY”, you will find it when you unfold the product, like “UYGALAXY 123M” or “123M ” it’s correct way to read them when outside the greenhouse.

** There is a side with hollow, insert the tube and make the film vertical to the ground against the wind, and easy to rolled up when snap clamp applied; Or insert the wire to pull it up to the greenhouse roof.

2. The product feature

Exhale warm breath to the surface of 2 sides, the inside would eliminate the mist fast, the outside won’t. 

Do a test, put the 2 sides on a cup of hot water, when the anti-drip side meets the condensation, it will fast eliminate and attach the fog on the film, make up a “mirror” of water wall on the surface of film.

Usually the first method is the fastest way to tell the front and back side of the greenhouse plastic.

Some tips

  1. Anti-drip greenhouse films are mainly recommended for well ventilated and/or heated greenhouses, with adequate inclination of the roof. The best “mirror” water wall is formed when big temperature difference between inside and outside, and the relative humidity≥70%. It becomes droplets and streams while in the venting process, it’s normal, and regular occurs when sunset or dawn, it will be solved when the temperature difference and the relative humidity increase.
  2. If the surface inside your greenhouse is full of white droplets all the time, it’s possibly mix up the front and back side, please reverse the plastic.
  3. Contact us immediately if you have any problem or concern, we are responsible for any of your purchasing and using experience.

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