The Installation of Roll Up Motor on Greenhouse – Instruction

How to install the greenhouse roll up motor?

  • 1. Fasten the film tube and the product through bolts; then fix the film on the film tube through the film snap clamp. During the fixing process, always keep the film tube and the output shaft of the product in the same straight line ; After fixing, turn on the power supply of the roll up motor, and the film can be opened and closed.
  • 2. The roll film tube used in this product has three specifications, the outer diameters of tubes are φ21, φ27 or φ35 respectively. When the φ21 pipe diameter is selected, it needs to be used with the “transition washer”. When the φ27 pipe diameter is selected, it does not need to be used with the “transition washer”, just insert it directly into the “transition washer”. If adapter for φ35 tube it’s special designed for 1-3/8″ rail top tube.
  • 3. Please operate according to the content of “Recommended Installation Diagram”.

▲ 3.1 Good installation can effectively guarantee the service life of the product.
▲ 3.2 After installation, when the product runs to any point, it is not allowed to upset down the product, means the motor is under the stroke control device.
▲ 3.3 After installation, connect the motor cord into the control box, turn on the power, adjust the stroke control device until the ideal limit is obtained, and then tighten the “locking screw”.
▲ 3.4 If the electric film winder encounters a power outage accident during the film rolling process, and the film tube is urgently needed to be put down, please support the film tube first, and remove the locking bolt between the film tube and the connecting sleeve. The electric film roll is separated from the film tube, and then the film tube is slowly lowered.

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