The Features of the Greenhouse Electric Roller Than Manual Roller

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Greenhouse plays an important role in farm now, it keeps the warm in the house to provide plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown, help the growers to culture or plant in all the seasons. But the concentration of the Co2 or O2, also the humidity will rise and out of control in this confined space, it brings troubles to the plants. An experienced grower would do the ventilation regularly on the greenhouse, to keep the plants in health, so what is the proper method to vent? By electric roll up motor or Manual roll up crank?

·The same function

The most direct goal of the electric roll up motor and the manual roll up crank is to help achieve the effect of ventilation on the greenhouse, and further increase the planting production.

·The different features

Drive Source24V power supplyBy hand
The table is made out from product design motivation.


The automatic roll up machine is phasing out the traditional roll up crank/winch year by year, the venting by hand is at a high speed of rolling up the film curtain and makes the uneven temperature of the greenhouse. The growth of fruits and vegetable from left and right areas inside the greenhouse is different, and increasing the diseases of insect pests. Moreover, according to the needs of fruit, flower, herbs and vegetable, frequent open and close the ventilation within a certain period is heavy work, making sibling farmers miserable.

The electric roll up motor goes with automated controller will help to automatically and evenly vent the air in the greenhouse, free the vast number of greenhouse growers from heavy labor, improve production efficiency, and increasing production and income, improving economic benefits.

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