What is Electric Roll Up Motor for Greenhouse

Electric roll up motor is the most commonly used method of rolling film in large or commercial greenhouses. The latest and effective electric film roll up motor is composed of a rotor, a box, a planetary gear reduction mechanism, a travel limit switch, etc. The rotor transmits power to the planetary reduction mechanism through different gears to reduce the rear drive single output shaft, one end of the single output shaft drives the stroke control mechanism, when the stroke control mechanism rotates to the stroke limit switch contact, it’s proceed to close the motor, it makes the curtain stop on the preset position of the greenhouse. Compared with manual film roller, the electric roll up motor provides long service life and stable operation, it saves labor cost, and can realize automatic control.

Wide used film roll mechanisms divide to manual and electric type, and the driving equipment is manual crank/winch or electric roll up motor. When the film roller is working, it rotates the film roll bar, and rolls the greenhouse plastic film together to open or close the film curtain for a vent. Each type of film roller has its max roll film length. If the actual roll film length exceeds its designed length, it will not be able to roll up the film or damage the film roller.

In the plastic film greenhouse, the film window opening machine is used to open or close the plastic film wall/roof for ventilation. Among the facilities of agricultural technology, the proportion of greenhouse cultivation technology in agricultural technology is increasing day by day. Greenhouse cultivation technology provides different necessary environmental conditions such as light intensity, temperature and ventilation for cultivated plants. Corresponding adjustable curtain devices are installed in the greenhouse facilities to ensure the needs of plant cultivation and growth conditions. By opening and rewinding the film or other material curtains, the most suitable growth environment in the greenhouse is provided for the cultivated plants.

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