How To Pair The FOB Keys to UYGALAXY Linear Actuator Remote Controller?

●The procedure is very simple, please follow the below steps to pair.

  1. Connect the receiver to the power supply.
  2. Stick the red button on the back of the receiver box.
  3. Press any keys on the fob key controller.
  4. Test after pairing, the receiver would make a “click” sound when press the key.

●How to clean the code of the receiver and fob key

Keep sticking the red button for 10 seconds, the link between the receiver and the fob key will be dismissed.

●Warm tip

Please wire up a 5amp fuse if you’re using a battery as power supply


  • Please cut off the power during the wiring, your safety at first.
  • Keep the system away from direct sunlight and water.
  • Keep the receiver away from the magnet and metal barrier.
  • Some fob keys are not colocated with UYGALAXY Remote controller, please sure your spare fob keys is directly from us.

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