Extension Guide of UYGALAXY Thermostat Controller

——The device is mentioned in this article, UYG2304WKKZQ-1

  • How to set it quickly?

Usually the basic set is fit and good for all of us, it’s easy to set as steps below.

  1. Wire up all the components correctly(power cord,motor,raindrop&temperature probe),connect to power.
  2. Press “OPEN” or “CLOSE” button to test if the motor works in the right direction as per your installation, and set the motors’ limit switches.
  3. Long press the “OPEN” button for more than 5 sec when the motors move to the top, set the total work time limit of motor in current highest position.
  4. Press “SET” button one time, and set the temperature of open curtain (adjust it by pressing the “OPEN▲” or “CLOSE▼” button, now they are the buttons of turn up and down) and press again the “SET” button to set the temperature of close curtain,  After set up these two temperatures please press “AUTO” button to quit setting state.
  5. Press “AUTO” button again, you will find the indicator above “AUTO” button is on, now it will work automatically as per your setting.

  • How to reset the device?

Remove the power and keep pressing the “Auto” button as power gets back.  The controller will make sound of “bee”, all sets will go back to default.

  • Why the middle screen shows EE?

It means your temperature probe is not working properly, please wire it up if you didn’t connect it ; if you connect the 2 sensors, but it still shows EE, please think about whether the terminals are correct, whether you mix up the sensors, the raindrop probe is panel-like. Just exchange their positions to fix it.

  • Why the motors keep closing the curtain when AUTO mode? It’s fine when manual mode.

Please check your raindrop sensor, whether it’s wet ? The sensor will judge whether it’s raining and keep the greenhouse from unexpected irrigation.

  • Why the motor stop working though it reaches the temperatures?

The motor can’t go up and go down, have you ever long press 5 sec of the “OPEN” and “CLOSE” button? it will lock the height of motors’ highest and lowest limit. (you will find the middle displayer only shows 0000 or the other number, no raise or reduce. That number also means the position of motor)

Below 3 steps to fix.

  1. Put the motors on the bottom level, and set the limit switches again.
  2. Reset the device to default value (As mentioned in the previous paragraph), your setting will be erased.
  3. Set the temperatures of device again, and turn on “AUTO” mode.

  • Why the motor can’t work when every setting is great?

Please check whether the connection is loose or got water leakage, if you install the fuse, please check the status of fuse, change another 10Amp fuse if it’s burnt. Also please check if any water leakage on connection point, if the roll up tube is not in a straight line and keep it parallel to the ground.

If it’s not the fuse’s fault, please send us your situation with specific description, so we can do the quick assistance. Email: uygalaxy@rollupmotor.com

  • Can it be changed from Celsius to Frahrenheit?

No, sorry, the format of temperature can’t be change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, the open and close temp screen only has 2 digtals. Please consider to print the conversion charts as below shows and post on your greenhouse.

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Contact us if you have any question or concern,email: uygalaxy@rollupmotor.com

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