UYGALAXY Sulfur Burner Vaporizer With Indicator 220V/110V/24V/12V(Wholesale)


  • Sulfur burner is designed for the prevention and treatment of the diseased and insect pests of greenhouse vegetables and flowers.
  • The product is fully customzied, please make us know your voltage and the type of cable plug.
  • The lead time is about 20~30days.
  • The USA or Canada customers contact us directly for retail and quicker shipping .
  • Email: uygalaxy@rollupmotor.com
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Flowing area: 60~100 m² (depending on the height of the shed)
Working voltage: 220v/110v/24v/12v (Optional)
Work power≤ 65W
Cable length: 1 meter(3.28ft) or customized
Indicator: It lights when power ON
Cable plug: US,EU,UK or others, please send us your standard.
Product Volume: length*width*height = 10cm*10cm*15cm
Weight 0.4kg
Power: 150W (start) → 65W (constant)
Environmental temperature: 0~35 ℃
Service life: more than 3 years.

This burner is designed to heat to necessary temperature for vaporization (140°C) and will cover approximately 1,000 sq. ft. Please Read Before Using: – 1 unit covers 60~100m² – Only perform treatments during the vegetative plant stage – Turn off all fans and ventilation during the treatments – Perform treatments at night – Evacuate the area during treatment – It is recommended to use this unit in conjunction with a timer so the process may be automated and the user can avoid exposure

1. People should not stay in the greenhouse during the work of sulfur burner, so as not to inhale harmful substances and affect health. Use sulfur burner to plant strawberries in greenhouses. You can first move the beehive to the greenhouse, ventilate after use, and then move it back to the room.
2. Avoid using the product when the greenhouse is just closed in the evening, using sulfur burner to fush the plants. It should be used after closing greenhouse for one hour later, the effect is the best. After using sulfur burner, it should be stored in a dry place after cleaning.
3. The best dose of sulfur is 60g ~ 80g, more than 1/5 of the bowl, less than 1/2 of the bowl, to avoid overflowing after liquefaction. The stuff in the aluminum bowl should not be too small, after the stuff less than 1/5 of the aluminum bowl, the effect is poorer.
4. The working location of sulfur burner should be hung in the middle part of the greenhouse, at least 50~80 cm from the plant’s height, and the distance between the interval between each other should be greater than 80 square meters.
5. The heating element and the aluminum bowl should be kept clean and put closely to avoid affecting thermal conductivity. The length of the use time depends on the condition in the greenhouse, it’s best to use timer to control it.
5. When fumigation, close the greenhouse for at least 4 hours, don’t come in unless fully ventilation.
Sulfur burner is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of the diseased and insect pests of greenhouse vegetables and flowers. It can smoke pesticides such as sulfur and chemicals. Aphidal diseases such as whitefly, dark spots, gray mold diseases. And aphids, whitefly, thrips, leaf miner, and insect. Pests such as red spiders have a good prevention and control effect.

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 16 cm

12V, 24V, 110V, 220V



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