UYGALAXY 100W Greenhouse Film Roll Up Side Motor + Precise Bearing Climber for Greenhouse Ventilation, 24V Automatic Venting


  • 【 Roll up motor + Climber 】For side of greenhouse venting, works for both OD25mm(DN20 or 3/4″ NPS) or OD20mm(DN15 or 1/2″ NPS) roll tube.
  • 【 100W Power 】Roll up film tube length up to 360ft, max height 12.9ft. DC 24V 2.8RPM electric greenhouse roll up motor.
  • 【 Automate the work】Simplified roll film work by pressing one knob after wiring to power reverse switch.
  • 【 2 Installation ways】Can be installed on the side of greenhouse(needs creeper), also on top of hoop greenhouse.
  • 【 1 Year warranty 】100% money-back guarantee if the motor doesn’t meet your venting needs.

Package Included:
1*Roll up motor

The electric roll-up motor for greenhouse is used in commercial,light deprivation tunnel greenhouse .
Such as the solar greenhouse, vegetable greenhouse, culture greenhouse, chicken coop film greenhouse, multi-span film greenhouse and other assembled greenhouse, by which to open or close the side windows and top windows through the rolling of film(it needs a power reverse switch to control).

Product Advantage
1. IP 66 waterproof protection class.
2. Compact size and low noise, easy installation.
3. Can side of the roll,also can top roll.
4. Roll up film tube length up to 110m ; 3m height when (Outside Diameter)OD20mm tube, 4m when OD25mm tube.
Roll up motor and climber work perfectly together

Roll tube lenth: 5~110m
Power: 100 watt
Adjust Roll: 40r
Voltage: DC 24v
Speed: 2.8rpm
Rated Current: 3.6A
Torque: 100N.m
Protection Class: IP66
Maximum film length: 110m

How to install:

1. Tighten the roll tube with the product by bolts
2. Fix the film on the film tube through the solid film clamp, keeping the film tube in line with the output shaft of the product.
3. After fixing and starting the winder power supply, the film can be opened and closed.

The coiled tube used in this product has 2 specifications, OD20mm, OD25mm:
1. When using OD20mm pipe , it should be used with ‘opening sleeve’.
2. When use the OD25mm pipe, it can be directly inserted into the ‘connection sleeve’.

Material selection:

1. It’s recommended 16AWG cord if within 164ft(50m) from the motors to controller or power.
2. If connect 20 sets of motors to 1 transformer, it is recommended to use 3 AWG aluminum cord or 7 AWG copper cord as the main line to connect to transformer( the motors in parallel.)
3. If 20 electric roll up motors are connected at the same time, it is recommended to use 1600W ~ 2000W transformer.

It needs to work with a controller to operate, please click here to see the matched controllers.

Weight4.5 kg



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